Le Passager to be adapted by Film Oddity


Film Oddity will produce the film adaptation of Patrick Senécal’s novel Le Passager (The Passenger). The film is aimed at the international cinema market. Le Passager will be the first film adapted from a Senécal novel to be shot in English.

Le Passager, one of the most widely read novels in Quebecois literature, is published by Les Éditions Alire. Almost 100 000 copies were sold since the book’s release.

Olivier Sabino will direct the movie. He previously collaborated with Patrick Senécal on the webseries La Reine Rouge, nominated for a Gémeaux award in 2012. Francis Lussier will be writing the screenplay for the project, along with Olivier Sabino. Marie-Louise Gariepy will produce the film.

The film’s development stage start as of June 2013.


Étienne Séguin is not yet thirty years old. Born in Drummondville, he has been living in Montreal for a few years. He’s just accepted a position teaching literature at the college back in his home town. No problem: he will commute on Highway 20. The drive is no more than an hour, which will give him lots of time to listen to the radio and more importantly to keep his mind off his recent break-up!

Not long after he begins working in Drummondville, Étienne notices a hitchhiker always standing at the same place when he drives by. Why not pick him up to break the monotony of the ride? When he finally does, Étienne realizes that his passenger has actually known him since childhood. Étienne, however, suffers from amnesia and has no recollection whatsoever of his youth. That is when questions begin to spring up in his mind: who is this passenger he’s gotten into the habit of picking up? What exactly is their history together?

Le Passager (The Passenger) like all of Senécal’s books, is a novel packed with tension…